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Mikhail Sadovnikov

Dance on the circle – Mikhail Sadovnikov



Dustin Yellin

A journey through the mind of an artist – Dustin Yellin

Anai Greog

Shapes and colors do speak an universal language and it’s amazing to be able to play with this language.

CYMATICS - Nigel Stanford

Cymatics – Nigel Stanford

‘Cymatics’ is the science of visualizing audio frequencies

Power of X

The power of x

Dancers + camera + kaleidoscope = this infinitely gorgeous short video. The video celebrates “the power of x” to multiply great ideas.

I misbehaved – Wislawa Szymborska

I misbehaved in the cosmos yesterday

Time – Matt Haig

How to stop time


Disarm – Pedro Reyes

Turning weapons into musical instruments

Yaara H