Sometime in 2014 I came across the article “An Emotional Survival Guide to Burning Man” and found it so valuable that I decided to translate it to Hebrew.
An Emotional Survival Guide to Burning Man

Some introduction: Burning Man issues their own survival guide containing practical information to the event. All around the internet you can find guides and articles full with tips for those participating in Burning Man. Suggestions regarding what to bring, what not to bring, how to behave, what you will find, how to get there, and so on.
The thing is, few of these articles talk about your inner setting. What is it going to be like in terms of your own mood and feelings? What can you do to help yourself in advance and at the event? The aforementioned article answered these questions and lots more.
I liked it a lot and decided it was important to bring this to the Midburn audience (a regional burn taking place in Israel) in its native language – Hebrew. So I translated the article and added materials from other sources. Working on it was satisfying enough, the feedback I received later was delightful.

מדריך הישרדות רגשי [MIDBRAIN]

P.S. I find it useful not only to burns, but to life in general.