Architecture 101 is an introduction to space and architecture through 101 exercises. A six-month journey divided into 3 courses “online” on iversity, one final exhibition / graduation party. If you are still alive after all of this daunting process, there will be a one-week workshop “offline”, where we will go one step beyond.

Architecture to convert a place into a state of mind. Apparently a simple task, actually a fairly tricky operation. To (try to) understand, we split our journey into three parts:
Part 1 – From Nothingness to Place (we will work in 2d);
Part 2 – From Place to Space (we will work in 3d);
Part 3 – From Space to Architecture (we will work in scale 1 to 1).

What is a place? What is space? How do we make space? How do we prepare our mind to make space?

Without a concept, we can’t have a place. Without a place, we can’t have space. Without a space, we can’t have architecture…

If we want to create space, in the first instance, it has to happen in our mind. When a conceptual vision takes form in our minds, a place (with its own spatial features) is born.

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