Recipe: Rice Pudding
Ingredients: rice, honey, cinnamon, walnuts, banana
Tools: saucepan, spoon, tablespoon, bowl


What will I do today?
This week, our goal is to make the collective “Design 1o1 Redux Cookbook”…. But not any kind of cookbook! Our cookbook will be made of recipes turned into maps and / or landscapes. 😮
We are indeed making our very first “big” project and we will face a lot of challenges! But we will take one step at a time, to make sure we can manage the whole thing smooth and nicely.
Ready? 🙂
Today, you will take the first steps needed to turn your favourite recipe into a map / landscape.
First, carefully choose the recipe you will “work on” this week. We suggest: “choose one you like and master, one you feel “in control” with”.
Write it down in the simplest possible way: the less words you use, the better. It needs to be simple, but it also needs to be clear!
If your grandmother (or your 10 year-old child, niece, friend…) reads it, would he / she be able to follow it?

Once this is done, find 3 different references of maps you like.

Once this is done, you will prepare yourself for the week.
Here, the week’s overall program:
Monday: Choose your recipe + write it down + find references of nice maps you like
Tuesday: Map / document the ingredients you need
Wednesday: Map / document the tools you need
Thursday: Map / document the process (steps)for making your recipe
Friday: Your recipe becomes a map / landscape