What will I do today?
This week, we will spend time in our kitchen. If we think about the main functions of a kitchen, we could say that it serves as a place to store, clean, cook and prepare food. Then, we could add the “social / entertaining” side of it, the times in which we sit around the kitchen table to eat together and talk (and/or play games).
Put simply, our kitchen is composed of ingredients (to “prepare” and “eat”), water (to “clean” and/or cook), fire (to “heat” or “cook”), and eventually some tools (to “prepare”/serve the food), a table (to sit / eat / play) and some people (because without people there would be no kitchen).
Going back to our Kitchen-Planet idea, we will spend the week playing with lots of apps, but especially the “tiny planets” types of apps. Have you ever heard of “tiny planets” apps? There are lots of them out there.
Today’s exercise is to make (and share) 3 different kinds of water planets. Nothing less, nothing more. We want to see water planets. We don’t want to see what is “around”. If you manage to manage to create 3 differents water planets floating on completely white backgrounds, you will be superheroes (because it is not a simple task)!

Once this is done, you will prepare yourself for the week.
Here, the week’s overall program:
Monday: create 3 types of water planets
Tuesday: create 3 types of fire planets
Wednesday: create 3 types of ingredients planets
Thursday: create 3 planets composed of 2 elements Friday: create your “special kitchen-planet”