“The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.”
(John Maeda)

What will I do today?
Today we (you) go to Nazca, in Peru.
Another very special “place”. Imagine yourself as a prehistoric person, living peacefully in the Death Valley, way before Las Vegas and L.A.
Then, one day, some aliens or UFO arrive to your little hut and through a big beam of green light, you suddenly find yourself flying all the way to Peru.
You get to see works made by some colleagues of yours living thousand miles away. Fantastic works.
Ok. Open up Google’s satellite (or Google Earth if you prefer) and get there.
Find all the information you need before the aliens take you back to Zabriskie Point.
The task of today is to make your very own lines in your world.
Transforming your world into a special place.
What do you draw? How?
Once you have your “lines” drawn in the Zabriskie desert, find a way to add yourself (remember that this time, you should be seen from above), choose your specific and general proportions and there you go.

Image courtesy of Steve Hall