“The egg has a perfect shape, even if it’s laid from the ass.”
(Bruno Munari)

What will I do today?
From Zabriskie Point, to Nazca, let’s go to Lascaux!
Now, fly (with your mind) to Lascaux.
What a place, isn’t it? That’s why we are here today. Ok.
Find an empty spot in Lascaux and make it yours. Use an empty space and explain us about your “place”.
We want to see a contemporary graffiti on rocks, in which you show us your place. The place in where you and your dear ones live.
What kind of people are you? What kind of hut do you have? Do you have animals?
Share the relevant information for us to understand your place.
As you can easily imagine, the key ingredient in your composition refers to the proportion between the different elements.