“Yabba dabba doo”
(Fred Flintstone)

What will I do today?
Today we get fancy.
You will make a conceptual model of your cave.
To be precise, you will make a conceptual model of a “cross section” of your cave.
So, you need to imagine what your cave looks like.
Then, you have to make a three-dimensional model of it.
You also have to remain very simple.
Important! Your model has to be made out of cheese (you choose the cheese).
Isn’t it nice?
Your first conceptual model, made out of cheese.
You’ll have to sculpt your piece of cheese till your cave takes it shape.
Suggestion. You might find it useful to use Emmental cheese…
It will give you a ready-made network of holes to work with (then, with a cutter, you can easily connect the spaces together).
Once you’re done, add a person or two in post-production.
Seriously think about whether or not it is necessary to overlay another image to the whole (be very careful here) and there you are.

A cave in a butternut squash