“Come and meet yourself at the playa.
Among all the colors, voices and experiences, you are invited to a private moment with yourself.
To stop, to breath deeply and to look yourself in the eyes.”

A Midburn 2015 art installation, comprised of a mirror and a chair, inviting the event participants to meet themselves.
Creating this installation was a process. I knew I wanted to create something related to the self and to provoke a question about it. At some point I titled the installation “whoami” (Who am I?) to represent this idea.
From a very early stage, after some brainstorming with friends, I understood there would be a mirror, as I wanted something both related to reflection and to have a greater physical presence.
From there it was very clear it will also include a chair, to provide a place to sit, to relax, to stay, to be.
So the physical properties were clear – a mirror, a chair; Now what? I had a variety of ideas concerning questions, sentences and even just words to be placed on the mirror, temporarily or permanently.
At this point I met a friend and we talked about the installation. He said something which seemed to be true – most of the time, a single question is much more powerful than several.
Later on, in another brainstorming with another friend, I talked about the experience I would like people to have. An inner experience, a positive look on yourself, reflection… I also talked about how it is usually in Midburn (or other festivals, for this matter) that all day you are surrounded by people and external stimuli – which are great in their own way, while at the same time you can easily forget yourself.
In addition, this year Midburn’s theme was “Transcendence” – “Existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level” (Oxford Dictionary). Often enough, such kind of an experience relates to going out of yourself and doing unusual things. I deeply believe that looking inside is not less valuable and perhaps less common, and I wanted to offer this perspective to Midburn’s participants. And there it was – An invitation to meet an important person, yourself.


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