A site-specific installation built in Architecture1o1 summer camp, at Blankenrath, Germany.

After several months of working solely online in Architecture1o1 course, getting to know peers on Instagram and Facebook, the summer camp took place. It was a workshop and a gathering, for me the first face-to-face encounter with Architecture1o1’s participants from all over the world.
During the first day we discussed ideas and locations for installations. We suggested themes like a shelter, a path, fairy tale kingdom, ritual places and others. We were staying in a lovely camping ground with huts next to a forest. We also had open fields, parking lot, soccer playground, and the town itself. In addition we had a limited inventory of materials, such as tiles, chicken wire, seeds bed, ropes, plastic wraps, wood and more.
After that initial discussion and exploration we divided into groups. I was part of a group aiming to create a path in the wood. We were thinking through materials, structure, location, accessibility (as we had some participants using wheel chairs) and the total view of the final result. We were also looking for ideas and inspiration from other similar projects. As the path project evolved I realized I was less and less relating to it and found myself somewhat stuck. I wanted to create something with strings and the forest with its woods was a natural choice as this is my favorite scene.
On the last day of the workshop I collaborated with Stefano Mirti, our teacher, to create “In Between”. In fact the first thing we did was to untangle a messed up pile of ropes – as Stefano wisely said, it was about non-verbal communication. Later on we went to the wood and started binding strings to two trees at a time, creating wall-like structures, unparallel to each other. We did several pairs of trees in a wide area and the result was fascinating. Somehow, even though the forest is already full of meaning and with many different layers, we managed to add a new layer, integrating harmoniously with the current scene, yet giving another dimension. Stefano suggested some ideas on how to improve what we already built, and one idea I liked a lot – a transversal string, to connect all the structures and to not get lost in the wood. We added this single string, crossing all the structures, going a little higher and a little lower at times, somewhat further… Now it was complete, a whole story to explore.